Sunlight, sweat and dust can also affect eye health. So in the summer you should take care and protect your eyes.

The hot season is a time of sunshine but the air is also hot, causing the body to sweat a lot, easy to catch dust, itchy and red skin appears … Sunshine, sweat and dust can also affect. eye health. Therefore, in the summer you should pay attention to some measures to better care and protect the eyes. Here are some eye protection measures in the hot season.

Always wear sunglasses when outdoors

The sunshine in the summer is very bright. The natural reflex when we see the sun is to squint, squint our eyes. But that is not enough to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays. Wearing sunglasses when outdoors will prevent the UV rays from reaching the eyes, helping us to see less glare, slower aging eyes, risk of cataracts also come slower. In addition, glasses also work to prevent dirt or insects from invading eyes.

Studies have shown that wearing sunglasses can block 100% of UVA and UVB rays. Moreover, by wearing sunglasses, you will limit the natural reflexes of squinting, squinting, thereby making the eyes less wrinkled, faces less supportive for age.

Wear a hat when outside in the sun

Wearing a hat when you are out in the sun in addition to avoiding headaches, sunburns … also reduces the impact of the sun on the eyes. Along with sunglasses, a cap or wide-brimmed hat should be a must when you go outside in the summer.

Take Care of Your Eyes in the Summer
Always wear sunglasses and hat when outdoors

Daily eye hygiene

In fact, every season needs daily eye hygiene, not just summer. But in the summer, the weather is hot, the body is easily sweaty, which makes the body sticky, many bacteria. Sweat on the face, eyes, hands … easily causes infection in the eyes causing acute conjunctivitis. Eye hygiene is simply a regular rinse of your face with clean water, which can sometimes be applied with physiological saline if necessary.

If you have a daily makeup routine, remove makeup in the right way. Do not remove makeup properly, makeup remover … will cause bacteria to accumulate causing blepharitis, conjunctivitis. Besides, every day need to wash clean, wear cool clothes, wash your hands often with clean water, especially do not rub your dirty hands on your eyes to avoid eye infection.

Supplement good food for the eyes

Internal eye care is also essential during summer days. The eye must work continuously in hot weather and often gets tired and dry. According to the research of scientists at NHS (National Health Service – UK government) foods such as: Fish, green vegetables, avocado, eggs, milk, cheese, carrots, papaya , orange, lemon … will provide vitamin A, vitamin C, DHA will help prevent dry eyes, anti-aging and improve vision. Green beans or vegetables contain abundant sources of bioflavonoids and antioxidants that will help protect the retina, preventing some eye diseases.

Apply eye mask

Like it or not, in the summer you still have to go outdoors, but not in the sun all day. Also if the daily work to work more with the eye (using a computer), the eyes will be very tired, dry. To help reduce eye fatigue, maintain eye masks about 1-2 times a week with warm green tea grounds. The benign vegetables such as cucumber, thin sliced ​​peas applied to the eyes also make the eyes soft, the body is refreshed. If you do not like the above methods, even a cotton ball soaked in warm water covering the eyes can have positive effects.

Get enough rest

In the hot summer, many people often complain of tiredness, difficulty eating, and difficulty sleeping. The trip to the forest to the sea also makes the schedule of disturbance … Anyway, you need to get enough rest, especially getting enough sleep so your eyes won’t get tired the next day. If you find it difficult to sleep, review the bedroom: The bedroom is clean, airy, not too many things that make a mess, the cool cool temperature will help you easier to fall asleep. Saying “no” to staying up late, getting enough sleep, getting up early and dropping your eyes away when the sun is not bright will make your eyes strong, alert, and cheerful.

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