Fillerina FAQ’s and Concentrations


Q: Why are there 3 different Grades?

  • Fillerina is available in three different concentrations so that you can select the most suitable concentration for the treatment of your skin and cutaneous tissues for your face and neck.

Q: Which grade of Fillerina do I need?

  • Take a look at the above images to see which grade would most suit you.

Q: How do I apply Fillerina and how long should I use it for?

  • Use for 14 days morning and evening by applying 2ml of the gel filler to wrinkles and those areas requiring plumping, such as lips and cheekbones.
  • The filler should be left for 10 minutes so that the active ingredients can get to work.
  • After the 10 minutes, apply the nourishing film.

Q: What are the benefits of Fillerina?

  • The appearance of lines and wrinkles are reduced
  • Saggy skin appears plumper
  • Skin is hydrated